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LET'S RIDE, BOYS! (On The Importance of Commas) - FULL LENGTH ALBUM

The Possum Posse’s Jan ’13 release, “Let’s Ride, Boys! (On The Importance of Commas),” marks their full-length studio debut. The album was produced by Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly, and recorded at Ray Benson’s Bismeaux Studio in Austin Texas.

The sound is a slight departure from the raucous live performances fans (all three of them) have become familiar with. Some might say it has a more mature, polished sound. One guy said he thought it sounded “pretty good,” so that’s something.

While the band’s previous E.P. was self-released, the new album’s funding came primarily from their Kickstarter campaign, following their popular viral video series, “Guy On A Buffalo.” The group took the task of creating a full-length album seriously, even though the subject matter in most of the songs is less than serious.

The album features some incredible musical guests, including vocal performances by Matt Hillyer of Eleven Hundred Springs, and Cody Braun.

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Download the first-ever studio release from The Posse for just $5! Prior to 2011, we had recorded our music using the popular "everybody crowd around the Radio Shack microphone plugged directly into a computer, play loud and don't screw up" method. If you've ever heard our recordings, you know this produces fun, but ultimately horrible-sounding results. Early in 2011, we met up in a studio and recorded a few of our songs on reasonably nice equipment. The result of our efforts is a 4-song E.P. that you can download by clicking each "DOWNLOAD" button below.

We considered calling the release "Soul Food You Eat With Your Ears" but decided that was too artsy, so we went with "What's Going On With Grandpa?" The CD's are also availabe at all Possum Posse shows!